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Origin:  Culpeper, VA

Genres: Alternative Metal, Grunge, Post Rock

Years Active:  2016 - Present

Label:  Independent 


Cursor formed in the fall of 2016 when two old friends and previous bandmates Luke Donald (vocals, guitar) and Todd Breeden (former drums) from Culpeper, VA caught up at a show and decided that they needed to pick up where they left off from a previous project. The two began exchanging ideas which eventually became a collection of songs with an alternative post-rock grunge sound. The lineup was then finalized when Joshua Woodard (guitar), another lifelong friend, Derek Nish (bass) and Keith Betson (Drums) joined the band.


As a band, they strive to create songs with driving rhythms, heavy riffs, and massive choruses sewn together with vulnerable lyrics. Pulling from various core influences such as Deftones and Thrice, each member’s love for various styles of music ignites the creative spark during songwriting.


Cursor has performed with bands such as Birthright, Cavern, and Defending Cain. While songwriting is at the core of Cursor, performing and playing live is the fuel that motivates them to keep experimenting and finding new ways to connect with others through music. Cursor's live performance is combined with stunning visuals that add another level of feeling and emotion to the show. 


Cursor’s passion for songwriting is presented in their debut EP Seeking Connection. It was tracked at BIAS studios with Mark Reiter (Daycare Swindlers) and mastered by Mike Monseur of Bias Studios. 


From the driving rhythms of Radon, the relentlessness of "Dreams", to the blending of time signatures on "Razor Tongue" and lyrical content throughout, every song on Seeking Connection is composed with the goal of drawing  listeners in and connecting with them. Seeking Connection was released 31 August 2018. 

During 2020, the band wrote and recorded Pharos in Richmond, Va. with Will Beasley (The Dangerous Summer, Turnstile, Asking Alexandria) with a release date set for 12/31. The record is a journey through all the trials and tribulations that was 2020 and marks a transformative moment for the band. 2021 looks brighter than ever for Cursor and Pharos guides the way. 


           "The musical subtleties are awesome on all of Cursor’s songs. I could listen to each one over and over and hear nuances I didn’t hear before. The details of the music are pro all the way."

           "For Live at BIAS Studios, I get the feeling that, if Korn and Tool had a baby, and there was a recessive gene of Silverchair’s Israel’s Son, it would be Cursor on these songs."
                                                                                Ann Meeks  

                                                                                First time listener 



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