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...A siren in the night, the Midnight Whistler calls... 


Rock/Experimental Rock/Alternative Metal 

Lucas Donald - Vocals/Guitar

Joshua Woodard - Lead Guitar 

Randy Rutledge- Bass 

Stefen Burns - Drums 



Cursor's story began in the fall of 2017, in the heart of Culpeper, Virginia—a town with a welcoming charm. In 2018, they bravely shared their first EP, "Seeking Connection," giving us a glimpse of their distinctive blend of post-rock and grunge, a sound they were just starting to explore.

Since then, they've embarked on a musical journey, diving into various sounds and styles. This voyage led them to "Pharos," their latest EP, brought to life in June 2020 in Richmond, Virginia, with the help of Will Beasley (known for his work with The Dangerous Summer, Turnstile, Asking Alexandria). "Pharos" received the honor of winning a Wammy for Best Hard Rock Album of the year, paving the way for opportunities like performing at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival in 2021.


Through live performances, they've been honing their craft, refining their sound and style. Now, they stand on the edge of a significant moment—the release of their debut full-length album, "Apparitions," scheduled for 2024. It's more than an album; it's a new chapter, a chance for them to play with their unique blend of grunge, post-hardcore, rock, and alternative metal. "Apparitions" will feature songs that invite you to sing along engulfed in a mix of heavy and beautiful that resonates with authenticity. With the release of their first single from Apparitions, The Midnight Whistler, Cursor explores the meaning of being your true self with infectious hooks and heavy vibes that is authentically them. 

Cursor's journey is about pursuing their musical dreams from their humble beginnings and they invite you to connect with their music and join them for the ride. 

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