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Ghost mountain

All Along Guiding Us... 

Cursor’s journey has continued to evolve since the release of their debut EP Seeking Connection in 2018 and with the anticipated release of Pharos in 2020. Since that time, Luke, Josh, Derek and Keith have continued to blend genres and create a sound all their own while never forgetting their musical roots or what made them pick up their instruments in the first place. 


Guitarist/vocalist Luke, lays down riffs that blend both groove and atmosphere while belting out heartfelt lyrics with infectious melodies. While, lead guitarist Josh, swirls over them with searing leads that take you from captivating highs to crushing lows alongside Derek’s earthquake inducing subharmonic bass. All the while, Keith’s dynamic drumming with eruptions of both emotion and intensity complete Cursor’s unapologetic sound that is too heavy for some and not punishing enough for others. Melding metal dynamics and post-rock structure with pop melodies gives Cursor a sound all their own. 


During 2020, the band wrote and recorded Pharos in Richmond, Va. with Will Beasley (The Dangerous Summer, Turnstile, Asking Alexandria) with a release date set for 12/31. The record is a journey through all the trials and tribulations that was 2020 and marks a transformative moment for the band. 2021 looks brighter than ever for Cursor and Pharos guides the way. 

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